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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrows threading is an ancient technique for eyebrow shaping and hair removal. Threading involves using a cotton thread to remove hair from the follicle.


It is a century-old process originated in Asia and in recent times it has gained popularity in western countries as it provides precise control for shaping perfect eyebrows and is gentle on the skin.

Eyebrows Threading is a straightforward method to remove hair. An Eyebrows stylist uses twisted thin cotton strings to remove a hair follicle out of its pore. The thread is wrapped around a follicle of hair and twisted to pluck the hair at follicle level which leaves a smooth finish of eyebrows.

Compare to waxing eyebrows and tweezing hair-removal methods, threading is the gentlest form of hair-removal method because it pulls only brows hair. It won’t pull or pick the skin around the eyebrows like in the tweezing and waxing eyebrows method.


Eyebrows Threading, it all about precision as you can get a precise and smooth finish by removing hair-by-hair. Threading gives total control over to remove a defined hair. With threading, you can get well-defined brows by threading one hair at a time or a line of hairs.


And one best thing is that eyebrows threading is less painful and lasts longer than waxing and tweezing at home.

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