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I Have Been A Passionate Henna Artist.

I started my journey 22 years back from a small village in India. I used to work with traditional Indian Bridal Mehndi design, Arabic henna Design, and Indo-Pak design. I made a unique, enjoyable and an unforgettable experience to my dozens of clients.

I also used to work with other beauty services like the Indian bridal/party make-up, hair styles, eyebrows threading, Facial threading, Waxing.

I am also certified the Indian beautician and European nail artist and designer.

In 2015, I relocated to Czechia with my family. I found many henna tattoo lovers and decided to take my profession fully in Henna tattooing.

Henna painting is one of the most popular ways of expressing luck and happiness. I provide a special individualized treatment to client according to her aspiration and personality.

I can provide henna art service for any occasion from wedding to picnic/holiday party.

I would love to expand my services to beautician industry in Prague in the near future. I would also be happy to visit you in any city in central Europe.


Mina Jogani

A Passionate Henna Artist
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